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2021 members receive HSC trial papers in Economics, Legal Studies Business Studies, Geography, Society and Culture, Ancient History, Modern History and Extension.

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WeSSSTA Resources

Latest resources now available (for members)
* 2021 HSC Trial Papers -
All trials are in 'Word' so you can tailor to your needs.
* Geography  2021 Stage 5 NSW Geography Competition/ Skills Paper (50 multiple choice)
* Geography 2021 Stage 4 Skills resource (30 multiple choice)

The following resources can be downloaded from the
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* 2021 HSC Trial Papers are produced for Geography (based
   on the previous years HSC Broadsheet), Economics,
   Business Studies, Legal Studies. Modern History, Ancient History,
   Extension History and Society and Culture.
  All follow the HSC format and are produced by experienced
  teachers involved in the marking of HSC papers.

*  2021 NSW Geography Competition / Skills task. Stage 5.
*  2021 Stage 4 Geography skills questions.

New resources that can be downloaded
2021 HSC Trial Papers
 2021 NSW Geography Competition/Skills Task
2021 Stage 4 Geography skills questions
Past Resources
Past HSC Trials
 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 NSW Geography Competition / Skills Task Stage 5
Yr 11 papers (2012 only)
2020 Stage 4 Geography skills questions

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* PLUS a range of other resources added by WeSSSTA as they become available

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